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Product List
BQ-1208 Outdoor Barbecue Outdoor Grill Basket BBQ Camping Tools Vegetable Grilling Rack
BQ-1197 OEM Dismounting BBQ Grilling Basket Grill Grate Accessories BBQ Mesh Tools
BT-5140 Stainless Steel 304# Barbecue Accessories Flexible Skewer For BBQ Grilling
BS-3163 Stainless Steel Bbq Kitchen Tool Set Factory Wholesale Barbecue Grill Tools
BQ-6131 Best Barbecue Brush Steel Scraper Wire Brush For Grill
BK-7121 Hot Sale Nonstick Smash Burger Press Stainless Steel Burger BBQ Press Barbecue Accessories
BK-7112 Camping Portable Bbq Kitchen Food Clip Meat BBQ Long Tongs
RQ-8123 Small Outdoor Barbecue Korean Grills Stainless Steel Round Folding Bbq Charcoal Grill
BT-5109 Outdoor Cooking BBQ Pan Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Basket
CT-8038 13PCS Travel Camping Tableware Cutlery Utensil Set For Picnic
CT-8002 Barbecue Grill Accessories Tools Cutlery Set Camping Gas Stove For Outdoor Kitchen
BK-7130 BBQ Cheddar Cheese Sliced Grilled Machine Sandwich Burger Korean BBQ Grill Ring For Cheese
PS-2011S Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Server Pizza Cutter Tools Shovel Baking Scraper
BS-3146B Grill Accessories Stainless Steel Bbq Tool Heavy Duty Outdoor Barbecue Set
PT-8825 Black Abs Portable Multi Tool Card
PT-8824 Gift Custom Multitool Multi Function Custom Outdoor Camping Survival Tools Card
PT-8823 Outdoor Camping 18 In 1 Multi Function Survival Card Custom Metal Camping Tool
PT-8822 Multitool Credit Card Small Survival Card Multi Function Camping Tools For Outdoor
PT-8821 Stainless Steel Survival Credit Card Portable Outdoor Camping Multi Tools
PT-8826 Blue Hot Selling Portable  Multi Tool Stainless Steel Outdoor Tableware Camping
BS-3163 Stainless Steel Bbq Kitchen Tool Set Factory Wholesale Barbecue Grill Tools
BS-3163 Stainless Steel Bbq Kitchen Tool Set Factory Wholesale Barbecue Grill Tools


Outdoor barbecue dinners account for more than 90%, and there are many kinds of barbecue tools used. 

Barbecue net / Grill / Mesh , Barbecue tools set, Barbecue tray, Barbecue meat skewers, 

Barbecue oven, Cleaning brush,Portable Folding Barbecue rack, Steak grill, Smoking box, And other product examples.

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Detailed description:

Stainless Steel Bbq Kitchen Tool Set Factory Wholesale Barbecue Grill Tools

We are the factory supplier of bbq.  This is a hot seller - bbq kitchen. The bbq kitchen is made of high quality material and is not easily damaged.  Versatile, this bbq kitchen is ideal for bbq tool set as well as the kitchen. Most importantly, the bbq kitchen is easy to use and easy to clean.This bbq kitchen is perfect for outdoor cooking and offers a great way to grill meats, vegetables and other items. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this bbq kitchen is durable and easy to clean.

The bbq tool set is easy to store and transport, and the materials are safe. Our bbq tool set are made of high quality materials that can with stand high temperatures.Whether you're planning a backyard barbecue or a camping trip, this bbq tool set is a must for any outdoor chef.Check out our garden bbq tool set! Made of high-quality stainless steel, this bbq tool set is reusable and perfect for grilling, preventing small pieces from falling out of the grille. This bbq tool set is designed to distribute the heat evenly, ensuring that your food is baked to perfection. Say goodbye to messy cleaning, relax and enjoy delicious barbecue!


This high quality bbq grill tools is specially designed for outdoor garden barbecues. This bbq grill tools is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect outdoor camping product. The bbq grill tools is heat-resistant and easy to lift and move. It's a must-have accessory for your next outdoor camping adventure.Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with this bbq grill tools! Made of high quality stainless steel, this bbq grill tools is easy to use, durable and perfect for all your grilling needs.And this kind of bbq grill tools is easy to clean, relieve you of the trouble of cleaning.


Whether you're camping, driving around, or just enjoying a summer barbecue in your backyard, this bbq kitchen is a must-have for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. With this bbq tool set, you can be sure that your food will be fresh, juicy, and perfectly cooked every time. Grab yours bbq grill tools now and start grilling like a pro!


Production of wholesale bbq kitchen bbq tool set bbq grill tools, portable bbq grill tools table bbq tool set bbq grill tools, barbecue essential tools - bbq kitchen bbq tool set bbq grill tools.


stainlees steel 2cr13 +weedtree handle


fork: 29*1.8cm


spatula: 28.5*7cm



weight: 700g




1set/PP bag


YJ GIS Industrial Limited specialize in barbecue tools for 15 years. More than 1000 kinds of products and designs, 

set production and trade as one of the manufacturers. 

Our products are mainly hand tools, suitable for outdoor family dinner activities and outdoor social circle party.  

It is more suitable for European family type outdoor camping activities. 

Our company mainly produces all kinds of outdoor Barbecue items.Include Barbecue net / Grill / Mesh , Barbecue 

tools set, Barbecue tray, Barbecue meat skewers, Barbecue oven, BBQ Cleaning brush, BBQ Portable Folding 

Barbecue rack, BBQ Steak grill, BBQ Smoking box, And other Barbecue product examples. 

Advanced barbecue tools can make outdoor activities more pleasant, complete barbecue supplies can make food 

more delicious. Use our barbecue tools. Is your best choice.

We hope to have the opportunity to start our first cooperation and maintain a long term business relationship.

Thanks very much !


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BS-3140 Professional Outdoor Camping Kitchen Accessories Barbecue Grilling Tools Set
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BS-3130 Best BBQ Grill Accessories Tools Bag Packing
BS-3129 Stainless Steel Barbecue Best Grill Tools Set
BS-3139 Wooden Handle BBQ Tools High Quality 4pcs BBQ Tool set
BS-3138 Kitchen Tools Utensils Wholesale Bbq Grill Accessories Wooden Handle Tools
BS-3137 Outdoor Cooking Stainless Steel Barbecue Utensil Tool Outdoor Cooking Grill Kit
BS-3136A Premium Quality Barbecue Grill Accessories Kits
BS-3135 Portable Outdoor BBQ Grilling Accessories
BS-3134A PP Handle Outdoor Barbecue Tool Sets Camping Tool Set
BS-3133A Outdoor Barbecue Accessories Tools Set
BS-3132A Best Barbecue Utensils Grill Tools Set
BS-3131A Outdoor Camping BBQ Grill Accessories Set
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